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Ungelesener Beitrag von PtitGénie » 25. Aug 2012, 21:14


I PtitGénie, the webmaster!

I organize a new project to bring together fans of Mylène Farmer around the world without leaving your home, waiting for the comeback of the singer!

The principle is simple: you need to register with your Webcam doing a playback of "Je m'ennuie" (album version). I would make a montage by keeping each one sentence to reform the entire song! With each pass the name of the department and registered below the video, and country.
This will be our little message to say that we get bored waiting for his return!

It would be cool that fans from other countries involved! So I thought of you!!

I will also make contact with Italian and Russian fans.

- Software: for Windows PC, "Windows Movie Maker" is installed by default, you can use the "Capture from video device" and follow the instructions. If by chance for some mysterious reason you do not have this software, download it free here: ... ovie-maker
- Do only ONE sing chorus and two verses (so that the video is too heavy)
- Put your registration for the sound of the studio version of "Je m'ennuie", regardless of whether you sing or make just lip movements, as the sound of your video will be removed for final assembly
- No music video in black & white
- Be expressive! It's boring without Mylène!
- Put the video file and send the link to specifying the name and department + countries

Thank youuu ^^